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POPIA Compliance

Join us for an interactive session on the requirements of POPIA and how one should go about implementing the Act (Act No. 4 of 2013: Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013) within one’s business or operation.

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Records Management Part A

Records and information management is a core responsibility in any organisation, in the same way that human resources management and financial management are core functions. Records and information management should be recognized as a formal programme within any government organisation or private company.

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Records Management Part B

Information is a vital resource for any modern organization. Without information an organisation cannot function effectively; hence the process of planning, controlling and using information in support of its business (a process known as ‘information management’) is an important activity, critical to the success…

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File Plan Developments Workshops

All businesses must have a pre-determined logical, systematic and hierarchical information structure based on business functions, according to which records are filed and /or electronically indexed. Without a sound Business Classification System, the design and maintenance of a master records index, identification…

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Developing a Work space Filing System

In order to effectively manage your time and be productive, you must create an appropriate working environment. By eliminating clutter, setting up an effective filing system, gathering essential tools and managing workflow, you will b…

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