Records Management GAP Analysis Terms©


The High Level RM Audit Gap Analysis© online application evaluates components of your current records management practices; records retention and disposal, policies, procedures, governance and  compliance, e-mail usage and metadata classification systems, to mention a few.


A series of questions are positioned at each element of Records Management Best Practice Standards. The user is asked to answer Yes or No for each question. Should an answer be yes, the user must choose a rating to best describe their current Records Management Practice.

  • No compliance 1- poor compliance 2-some compliance 3-fair compliance 4-fully compliant


Upon completion of each series of questions, a weighted value will appear. The value measures your current Records Management Practices. A High Level RM Audit Gap Analysis© report is generated to equip your organisation with up to date information and move towards a Records Management Improvement Program©.

0-49%           Critical        Review RM Practices

50-79%         Stable         Room for Improvement

80-100%       Innovate      Let’s show you what is hot in RM

We offer the full service of Records Management and conducting a Records Management Gap Analysis consulting service at your organisation. The High Level RM Audit Gap Analysis©; is a tool we use to quickly assess weak areas within an organisations.


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