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File Plan Development Workshops


Delivery Method

Instructor Led

  • In-Company
  • Public Training


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  • 5 CPS® /CAP®
  • NQF Level 3

Target Group

  • Records Practitioners & Records Managers
  • Middle and Senior Managers
  • Filing Clerks
  • Registry Personnel
  • Personal Assistants
  • Librarians
  • Information Managers
  • Training Officials

File Plan Development Workshops – 2 day course

All businesses must have a pre-determined logical, systematic and hierarchical information structure based on business functions, according to which records are filed and /or electronically indexed. Without a sound Business Classification System, the design and maintenance of a master records index, identification of vital records, retention schedules and various policies and procedures can not exist.

Course Outline

Day 1

  1. What is a Business Classification System and its purpose?
  2. Comprehensive understanding of Organisational Business Analysis.
  3. Business Audit and Data Gathering Processes
  4. How to design a Business Classification System
  5. Practical exercises and design templates

Day 2

  1. Compilation of a File Plan.
  2. How to map servers and access security permissions
  3. How to create a Master Records Index
  4. How to create a Records Management Policy to support your File Plan
  5. Implementation of your File Plan and Change Management


The course comprises instructor-led training, supplemented by interactive sessions; practical group work and comprehensive course documentation, including easy to use templates and design tools.

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Course Price: R7 950,00 excl. VAT