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Did you know?

Colour Coding files in different groups of information will speed up retrieval time. Your eyes read colour 50% faster than written notes.

Delivery 5 Golden Rules of File Management

  • Visible Commitment from top management.
  • Common understanding of the records management policy, procedures and responsibilities.
  • Good Filing Skills Training
  • Sufficient resources to implement and maintain the program.
  • Ongoing auditing to ensure compliance.

Clean-up your filing system

Now that you’ve learnt about effective records management,  you are ready to convert your old filing system to the new file plan. Inbox Filing Solutions provides project management services to help guide you through this process and help apply what you have learnt. One of the golden rules of records management is to provide sufficient resources for the conversion team (see Filing Skills Training). Inbox Filing can provide temporary conversion staff, however it is preferable to work with staff appointed by the client, as this ensures skills transfer and the long-term sustainability off your records management program. Contact Inbox Filing Solutions for more information on implementing a records management program.

Implementing the File Plan – the 8 Step Plan

The implementation steps involve the  re-filing; categorizing and data transfer of your records according to the file plan and file hierarchy. Depending on how big your organisation is and the scope of the file plan, this process could take anything from weeks to months. It must be done rigorously and carefully with meticulous attention to detail.


Step 1

Manually identify all filing cabinets and files per cabinet/bulk filer/room. Use colour identification labels to identify by theme as set out in the File Plan.

Step 2

Manually record all files currently in filing areas on Data Gathering Sheets, according to the File Plan Theme and Levels.

Step 3

Capture information on Data Gathering Sheets or electronic document management software.

Step 4

Place order for filing stationery as recommended by Inbox Filing Solutions.

Step 5

Sort and group existing files according to the File Plan.

Step 6

Create new coloured index file/container/archive box labels per theme and level identification rules as set out in the File Plan.

Step 7

Re-label and index all files/containers/archive boxes according to the File Plan and relevant colour coding.

Step 8

Train client & staff on newly implemented system and File Plan.